Peyronie’s Disease


Peyronie’s disease is the development of abnormal scar tissue, or plaques, in tissues inside the penis. When a penis affected by Peyronie’s disease is erect, it’s usually bent and may be painful.

Peyronie’s disease may prevent a man from having sex, and men with Peyronie’s disease often experience stress or anxiety related to this disorder.


Peyronie’s disease symptoms may appear suddenly or develop gradually. The most common signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s disease include the following:

  • penis is  bent, or curved, upward, this is the most common deformity
  • penis is bent down or to one side
  • penis has an “hourglass” appearance, with a tight, narrow band around the erect shaft
  • penis has  a “hinge” effect, in which the penis appears erect but bends sharply downward at the base

The curvature or other deformity may gradually worsen over the first six to 18 months. At a certain point in time, the deformity will no longer worsen, but it will continue to recur with erections.