Prostatitis is a condition of the prostate in which the gland and sometimes the tissues around the gland become inflamed. There are several types of prostatitis, and each type may have a slightly varying range of symptoms. In some cases prostatitis can become chronic, where it persists or recurs again and again. Although in some cases it can not be cured it is usually manageable with medical treatments.


    The most common symptom of prostatitis is prostate pain. This can be a varying degree of pain depending on the individual and the severity of the inflammation. Some men also experience symptoms similar to that of a urinary tract infection, including difficulty emptying the bladder completely, pain with urination, and needing to urinate more than usual. Pain can sometimes occur in the penis, testicles, lower pelvis, or during or after ejaculation. Men may also experience fever and chills in cases of acute prostatitis. Many other urologic problems may present in this same way that is why it is important to see a medical professional as soon as the symptoms present so appropriate treatments can be started.