About Us

If you find coping with urological conditions such as erectile dysfunction or incontinence difficult and embarrassing, you’re not alone. We understand how awkward it can be to discuss urological concerns, even with your physician.

We’re here to put your mind at ease. Our staff will treat you with sensitivity and discretion, while we treat your condition with the utmost care. Our goal is to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Patient-centered care
Pinson Urology is located in Jackson, Michigan. Our staff has a total of 25 years of experience as urology specialists. We combine this expertise with compassion and state-of-the-art technology to address your urological concerns. We aim to provide you with the best care possible, in a supportive, comfortable environment. You are our priority.

Cutting-edge technology
Our practice prides itself on having the latest medical technology available to treat your urological problem. This includes laser therapy for prostate disease and kidney stones and minimally invasive treatments for incontinence and vasectomy. Our vasectomy services incorporate painless and compassionate family planning using the no-scalpel and no-needle techniques for vasectomies. Dr. Pinson is currently performing robotic prostatectomies at Allegiance Hospital in Jackson MI.

Expert treatment
Practicing since 1993, Dr. Pinson has gained expertise in his field and is frequently called upon for public speaking engagements in the region. Prior to Pinson Urology, Dr. Pinson practiced at Cascades Urology. Dr. Pinson is well known for his expertise in urology, and as such he has appeared on local TV channels 17, 10, 6, and Healthcall TV show. He is also widely published in magazines, such as Jackson magazine.